Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Press play for a behind the scenes look at the Adel Rootstein mannequin showroom:
(Quite a rough copy of what I hope will be a much better final short clip once new material is integrated).
Update: I've been told that this video is very hard to hear. It plays decently on my computer, but then again, I'm very familiar with the text. Way TOO familiar!
I have about 4 hours more of additional footage, so as soon as it's all edited, I promise a much cleaner clip.


Juanita said...

I think you've got very good images. Now, you have to find other b-roll to make it more diverse. Maybe of people making the manikins, or dressing them up, etc. The audio in the beginning is a bit difficult to understand which kind of makes it difficult to understand the core of the story. Try to fix that. You can lower the music as you did with the last interview. I love the last quote, but what comes before I would cut it. When you fix the sound I'll look at it again and offer you more suggestions.

barbara said...

How amazing to find this, at this time. I am interested in taking up mannequin painting as a hobby. I am a makeup artist by profession and this would be enjoyable as well as creatively liberating. Any information as to books, materials, or suppliers you can suggest would be welcomed. Thankyou, Barbara.

barbara said...
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