Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adel Rootstein Mannequins

At the entrance to the Shawfield Hotel stands a 6'4 woman in stilettos and designer sunglasses. She is leaning against a cart full of shopping bags - Hermes, Dior, Chanel, and looking effete. To her right, just past the check-in desk stands a woman in a delightful double cashmere lemon sorbet colored skirt and matching jacket, and just behind her, another woman stretched across a chaise lounge extends her leg, admiring a pair of gray heels.

Walking further into the hotel, a surrepetitious waiter eavesdrops on a nearby conversation, as a Lenny Kravitz look alike checks out the rack on the cross between Cher and Lilly Munster with monster cleaveage. To the left, a serious set of very tall and very attractive set of fashion glitterati await an elevator, as a sultry couple heat it up on the floor in front of an adjacent fireplace.

Though this could easily be the lobby of a hotel in Aspen or Monte Carlo, it is the showroom of Adel Rootstein, premier mannequin maker, located on 19th street in Chelsea.

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amy said...

The pictures really make your blog come to life. I like the entry about the synthetic leaves, too!

I'll check back often and make more comments.

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