Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subtle Autumn at Macy's

In contrast to the animal exuberance of the windows at Bergdorf Goodman, the windows at Macy's 34th street are a very placid fall scene. Piles and piles of what resemble bronze-cast leaves overflow from each window, and are topped with mannequins wearing very standard clothing -- Calvin Klein jeans and cotton scoop neck tops. Though there is nothing particularly remarkable about the clothing, the positions of the mannequins, contorted as if they were jumping in the leaves, begs for closer inspection. The leaves are not really leaves, rather a mysterious mix of gold and bronze painted coral-like structures.

Something to keep an eye out for: The windows at Macy's 34th Street will soon be usurped by a group of ten lucky artists who will be given carte blanche to transform them into their own personal art exhibits. This event, a part of Macy's "Art Under Glass," is a bi-annual program aimed at promoting the arts in the visual merchandising industry. Alex Nahon, an independent filmmaker, actor, and artist from France was chosen to participate in the program last July, and was delighted with the freedom and the idea of having his "attention-grabbing blood red musical installation of paint and lights" on display for the thousands of passersby on 7th ave to see. Nahon had a musician that he frequently works with compose a special piece for the occasion which could also be heard for the duration of his window display.

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