Monday, September 10, 2007


I got some video footage of the shops on Fifth Ave. Sound and sun glare seem to be the biggest problems, because otherwise it was easy around the sidewalks, yet to be overridden with pedestrians.

Nothing really blew me away. Fendi was showing some fur jackets that looked fashioned from owl pellets, Prada was flashing some sweaters that looked like an itchy and unfortunate breed of alpaca and Oscar the Grouch, and one of the mannequins in Henri Bendel was a dead ringer for Ivana Trump after too much scotch and tylenol.

I tried zooming in on different parts of the mannequins, especially their hands, feet, elbows, knees. What struck me most was the positioning of their fingers. There were mannequins wearing things that looked straight out of an Atlantic City Pawn shop, yet their fingers looked so refined. Their nails gave the impression of being perennially buffed, their index fingers protruded ever so slightly from the rest of their hand, and when not cinched at the hip, the fingers hung softly at their sides like umbrellas on the verge of being opened.

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