Monday, September 24, 2007

Latest Windows at Bergdorf's

I spotted a donkey. He was looking complacently at a woman with a cherry-red silk dress. Then I saw a dinousaur with a diamond studded evening evening bag dangling from his left claw. I subsequently caught a glimpse of a small toad sizing up a pair of gold iridecent stiletto heels, as not far away a giant gorilla was staring straight into the eyes of a woman in a pink bathrobe. Frankenstein was to their left, in what seemed to be a clumsy attempt at caressing a woman in a faded black patent leather dress....Bergdorf's has changed their windows once again.

Though at first the unifying theme of the otherwise seemingly incongruous set of windows may seem elusive, upon careful inspection of the materials and their positioning, the reason behind the design becomes evident. The gorilla is next to the lady in the bathrobe because the pattern of his fur imitates the form of the stitching on her robe. The dinosaur is green like the evening gown poised next to it, the toad's skin is mildly iridescent, like the boots that tower over it. Frankenstein's lusterless black boots match the dress on the lady he is clonking after. Even the donkey has a purpose -- the dress on the woman he is staring at is shaped just like a saddle.

Other subtelties include the dress on a vintage porcelain doll that is arranged next to a long winter coat of a similar pleating. They match the pattern on an artistic business suit, the jewels on an oversized shirtdress are jet black, just like the crow poised next to them.

Not everyone is seizing every one of these subtelties, but people are definitely stopping to notice. There were incessant camera flashes as I was passing, especially in front of the gorilla -- he seems to be the biggest hit.

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