Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Windows at Macy's, Lord and Taylor, and Saks 5th Avenue

Spaeth Designs Inc is the company that designs and builds the sets for holiday windows at each of these landmark establishements. The snowpeople at Saks, the Miracle on 34th Street of Macy's, and the Tastes and Aromas of Christmas at Lord and Taylor -- all of these are the creative work of Spaeth's 50+ person team.

Located on 57th street and 10th Ave, it's Christmastime all year long at Spaeth's showroom/workshop. As early as March before the next Christmas, visionary window architects are already teaming up with the creative directors of each department store and trying to decide on a theme for the season.

An insider at Spaeth confesses that the window specialists and creative directors spend a lot of time discussing, sometimes fighting over what will be featured in the displays. Because Spaeth carries three major department stores that despite being all owned by the still company (Federated), are still in competition, the employees must also be careful to ensure that the ideas of each aren't too similar.

"We spend a lot of time covering and draping things," said the Spaeth insider, "When the creative team from Macy's comes in we have to scramble and cover up our designs for Lord and Taylor," etc.

The windows are designed as if they were homes or buildings -- a small architectural model is made of each, and once the creative team from the store approves, the actual sets can be built. All sets, dolls, toys, and accessories are made by Spaeth, which contains a HUGE animation and props department to be able to satisfy the demand. Everything from ribbons, bows and tassels to mini pianos, puppies, and tea cups figure into their repertoire.

Do the Spaeth window designers get sick of the holidays by the time they roll around? "No!" Says the Spaeth insider....just like everyone else, he strolls the avenues to admire the windows and loves to show off the many intricacies of his work to his friends and family.

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haha, you really know how to capture the majesty of mannequins in the art of the written word. anyway, in case you haven't figured it out the person leaving you this comment is adam. return the favor and read my blog. ciao