Friday, November 30, 2007

Not Exactly Da Vinci -- The Moaning Lisa Mannequin

Forget the iphone, the latest in gadget interface is the Moaning Lisa, a female foreplay mannequin that uses sensors to respond to stimulation with an entire library of sounds that she can be programmed to make, including a library of over 200 different moans!

Developed by multimedia artists Matt Ganucheau, Kyle Machulis, and Kelly Moore, this vixen version of la joconde is no Tickle-Me Elmo. Routed with a controller board programmed with advanced multitouch software (conveniently located in her pneumatic chest), Lisa is sensitive to the speed, duration, and sequence of touch input, meaning that a certain degree of arousal must be attained before she'll respond. So basically, it's technologically impossible for her to fake it!

(Photo credit: Kyle Machulis)
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velisha said...

This holiday season, buy something special for that man on your list who has a hard time finding the perfect woman. Lisa is sure to give him lots of pleasure with none of the hassels of dealing with a real human being...